Bag Lady

purse addictThose who know me well know that I am a true “bag lady.”  Oh how I love me a nice, new designer bag.  My current fave is Kate Spade.  Her bags combine lots of bright colours and up-to-the minute style trends, while still maintaining classic shapes and clean lines.  I also like that her bags have not become as mainstream as say, Coach.  Coach was my previous fave, until I learned that they use fur in some of their designs.  NOT COOL.  The same goes for Burberry, Michael Kors, and a whole host of other designers.  Fortunately, there are many other great designers to choose from.  I’m also a big fan of Matt and Nat bags.  A cruelty-free Canadian company, they make fabulous bags out of animal-friendly vegan materials (no fur or leather), including recycled plastic bottles for the bag linings!

Inspired by a recent blog post on “Ain’t No Mom Jeans,” I too, decided to compile a list of my favourite bags for Summer 2013.  I tried to represent a range of price points in my selections, and also included a few larger, “mom-friendly” bags.  I’m looking forward to an upcoming trip to Portland, OR, where I search for a new bag (or two…or three) in tax-free outlet mall heaven!

Without further ado, bring on the bags!


1.  Bicycle print bag, Forever 21 ($31.50CAN)

matt and nat marlon125

2.  Merlon bag, Matt and Nat ($125CAN)


3. Striped backpack, ($34.99US)


4. Flower print backpack, ($29.99US)

Sidebar- I’m really loving the return of backpacks this year!  It’s always a bonus when fashion and practicality come together.


5. Kate Spade totes ($198US).  Do I have to pick just one?!


6. Kate Spade breezeway bay maise ($278).  Black for work, magenta for play?

Which is your personal favourite?  What is your go-to bag (or bags for this season)?



LOVE this bag!

Fellow sewing friends, you simply must make this bag! Non-sewing friends, you simply must have someone make it for you! The Letty bag is a pattern created by Robin Gallagher of “Robin’s Quilts etc.” It is fairly large and uber-versatile- think diaper bag, work or gym bag, or just a larger size purse for those who like to carry around everything but the kitchen sink;)

The bag features six medium-sized interior pockets plus a smaller cell phone pocket. On the outside are two large (back and front) pockets accented by butttons. The grommet styling allows you to carry the purse with two straps on your shoulder, or pull into one longer strap to carry as a crossbody bag when you need both hands free. Genius! Gets both my mommy and working woman seal of approval. I love how variations in fabric can totally change the style and “feel” of the bag.

I consider my self to be a beginner-intermediate sewer and it takes me about four or five hours to complete this bag. My super-advanced sewing friend can whip one up in about two hours. Check out the Letty bags I have made so far:

Letty bag- books

Letty bag- Kim

Letty bag- pink


Interior view:

Letty bag interior view