Hot off the press


My new business cards are on order from So excited!

I’m a sucker for new office supplies, especially personalized stuff. My current business card count is now at 4 (insert sheepish grin here):

-one for my day job as a psychologist

-one for my crafty stuff

-one for my sewing stuff

-one for Avon

I’m betting it won’t be long before my two year-old has a business card of her own;) I’m not even sure if that is a joke or a fact.

One of my fondest memories is perusing the aisles of Staples with my Dad every year for school supplies. We always had to find the “best” pen and the “best” binders. We could spend hours in that place. Even when I was working on my Masters and PhD degrees, he still insisted that I needed “school supplies.” And I certainly wasn’t going to argue with that. I hope that this is a tradition that my daughter and I can enjoy together once she begins school. Miss you always, Dad. K and I will find the “best” of everything and make you proud:)