Project for the Crafting-Impaired: Photo and Art Display

Here is a fun little project that I knocked off in less than an hour. Bonus- it cost about $5 to make!


1. Purchase a piece of scrap baseboard from your local hardware store.

2. Paint it with your favourite acrylic paint or leave it white as is. After painting, I also added glitter.

3. Evenly space your clothes pins and attach with wood glue. I used bedazzled clothes pins that I found at Michaels for $2 a pack, but you could paint or glitter regular wood ones.

4. Add interest to the baseboard with buttons, gems, or wooden cut outs. I used craft supplies that I already had handy.

5. Let dry!

6. Nail or screw onto wall. Make sure to use a level.

7. Add favourite photos or kids’ artwork and enjoy!

There are many variations of this project on Pinterest. I have seen it used as a stocking hanger at Christmas or in a laundry room to hold mismatched socks until they are found. It could also be handy in a home office or kitchen for shopping and to-do lists.