Target Extravaganza!



Today is the day of our local Target’s much anticipated, hush-hush “soft opening.” It is sort of a trial run for the store, to work out any kinks before the grand opening in two week’s time. Despite the lack of advertising and media coverage, there has been much rumour and speculation circulating on the various Moms’ and women’s Facebook groups. We all worked together to unravel the mystery, and learned that today is the day! I am sad that I have to work, and could not be there when the doors opened at 8:00am. I had visions of charging the doors ahead of all others, like a bull seeing red, a rather appropriate analogy. I am even sadder to have heard that there was a special opening last night for employee friends and family. Clearly, I’m slipping and need to work on my connections in this town;) So, I guess I will have to settle for my two-hour extended lunch break and shop alongside the good old general public, or “the masses” as my Dad liked to refer to them in his superior tone. (Thinking of you today, Dad).

My coworkers have been hearing about today for weeks. I even marked my time off in red in the scheduling binder. One of my coworkers tells me, “I think you have a problem.” I feel slightly sorry for her, for she has not had the fortune to experience the special kind of joy/inner peace that comes only with shopping nirvana. By
11:50am, I am waiting impatiently at my desk, having already changed out of my fabulous sample sale studded heels into my no-nonsense power-shopping black flats. Just then the phone rings. My daughter’s daycare is on the line. Seriously? Seriously. Apparently, she has a fever and needs to come home, today of all days. I call my friend to cancel our shopping date. Her toddler was up at 5:00am and is currently having a meltdown, so she is OK to reschedule.

I make the 20 minute drive home to pick up Kay. I call my Mom to tell her about my failed plans. She and I believe that my brilliant and eerily intuitive daughter is obviously faking sick so she can come along to Target. I bring her home, give her some milk with baby Tylenol, then some ice cream to cool her down. I tuck her in for naptime, and wait, nearly vibrating at this point, and hope that she will be good to go in a couple of hours. I know my girl, and there is nothing that would cure her more than a shopping trip!

We are finally en-route, and the now 30 minute ride seems to take forever. As we pull into the parking lot, I see the familiar bullseye logo. My last shopping trip to the States was an unacceptable four months prior tsk, tsk. I pause to take in the sights and sounds before we enter the motherland of good deals. I mentally promise to keep my purchases in check, as I will be travelling to visit my Mom this weekend, where Kay and I will spend some fabulous Mother’s Day bonding time with Grammy, at yet another new Target store;)

Target did not disappoint. While the prices weren’t as low as in the States, they were on par with our Walmart and Superstore. The selection was fabulous- all the things I had “previewed” on the American website, were indeed right in front of my eyes in the store. For around $80, I came home with a spring dress for myself, as well as two complete outfits for Kay, and a pair of Dora the Explorer rain boots that she insisted on. The clothes were bright, colourful, and right on trend for this season. I didn’t have much time to check out the housewares section, as Kay was getting hungry and a tad cranky, but we shall return!




Happy shopping to all, and to all a good night!