Where the magic happens

Before I start posting some of my current and past craft projects, I thought I would begin by giving you a peek into my favourite space in my home- my craft room!  On a whim one day, I decided to sell our fitness equipment and transform our workout room into a sanctuary of craftiness and creativity.  My wonderful husband helped me paint the room purple, and even surprised me with a custom-made pine desk for Christmas last year.  I found many of the accessories from antique and thrift stores, including a vintage Singer sewing machine.  I have also incorporated some play space for my little girl, including (not pictured) her new pink and purple easel.  Not yet two, she is already showing great interest in painting, colouring, stickers, and fabric, which makes this crafty mommy very proud.  We have done several mother-daughter crafts together, which I plan to feature in upcoming posts.  What do you think of my space?  It certainly has provided me with a great source of both inspiration and relaxation.