DIY baby shower gifts

One of my close friends recently gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.  This friend also happens to be an amazingly talented seamstress, who always gives very thoughtful handmade gifts whenever there is a birthday or new baby in our group.  So, I wanted to make sure I welcomed her little one with something unique and crafty.  I also wanted to jump on board with the shower’s pirate theme.


Project One: Framed Alphabet Print 

1.  Create a document in Microsoft Word.

2.  Type out the alphabet in your choice of colour and font.

3.  Choose a contrasting colour for the first letter of baby’s name and bottom line of text.

4.  Search Google for free clip art images.

5.  Print document.  I took mine to Staples to get higher quality ink and paper.

6.  Complete the project with a 8 x 10 or 8 1/2 x 11 frame.


Project Two: Baby’s First Initial Wall Hanging

1.  Purchase a large wooden initial at Michaels, Walmart etc.

2.  Wrap outside edges with ribbon, securing with Elmer’s glue.

3.  Add themed embellishments and/or paint the surface of the letter.

4.  Write baby’s birth info. using a Sharpie marker.


I had so much fun making these for baby Ezekiel, and I like that these are keepsake gifts for Mom and Dad, even after he has outgrown having them on display in his room.





Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!

Tangled movi For the past few months, my daughter has been loving the Disney movie “Tangled.”  She is quite enamored by Rapunzel’s long, long hair.  Alas, just like her mama’s naturally curly hair, as it grows longer, it springs up,  and its true length is revealed only when wet:(  So, what’s a mama to do, but give her precious daughter the gift of Rapunzel’s locks without the maintenance;)  I don’t knit or crochet, but created this project by looping strands of yarn through a lovely handmade (by someone else) beanie- Value Village $1.99.  I braided the yarn, threaded some glittery ribbon through the hat, and added a fabric flower and button.   Voila!  The smiles on her face when she received this surprise were just priceless:)

Kayley rapunzel

Craft Wars, Sister Edition

best elephants
Ever since I can remember, my sister Ang and I have been B.E.F. Yes, you read that right. It stands for Best Elephants Forever. It was an inside joke between the two of us that dates so far back, that neither of us can remember its actual origins. Wait, I thought elephants never forget?! Anyhow, Best Elephants has stood the test of time, and last year, for Ang’s 30th birthday, we marked the occasion by getting matching elephant tattoos in Whistler that look like this:


This past weekend, I took the ferry to visit my sister and have a girls’/elephants’ weekend. We had a fabulous time (obviously) doing some shopping, going out for dinner, taking a long and scenic bike ride, sipping numerous Starbucks bevvies, and crafting.

The first night, I had an idea. We would each complete a Best Elephants themed craft on canvas. But, to give things a fun twist, we would do so without seeing what the other was making until The Big Reveal! We put up a divider between us so we could craft, snack, and chat, but not peek. It was neat to see how different our final creations turned out.


ele kim


ele ang

We had so much fun playing our version of “Craft Wars,” that we did the same thing the next night after dinner out. This time, the theme was spring. Mine is the first pic, Ang’s is second:

Kim spring

ang spring

I truly love my little sister. It is so comforting to know that there will always be someone who shares so many childhood memories with me, laughs at my jokes, tolerates my quirks, and is always up for some B.E.F. (and B.F.F) fun:)

sister 2

LOVE this bag!

Fellow sewing friends, you simply must make this bag! Non-sewing friends, you simply must have someone make it for you! The Letty bag is a pattern created by Robin Gallagher of “Robin’s Quilts etc.” It is fairly large and uber-versatile- think diaper bag, work or gym bag, or just a larger size purse for those who like to carry around everything but the kitchen sink;)

The bag features six medium-sized interior pockets plus a smaller cell phone pocket. On the outside are two large (back and front) pockets accented by butttons. The grommet styling allows you to carry the purse with two straps on your shoulder, or pull into one longer strap to carry as a crossbody bag when you need both hands free. Genius! Gets both my mommy and working woman seal of approval. I love how variations in fabric can totally change the style and “feel” of the bag.

I consider my self to be a beginner-intermediate sewer and it takes me about four or five hours to complete this bag. My super-advanced sewing friend can whip one up in about two hours. Check out the Letty bags I have made so far:

Letty bag- books

Letty bag- Kim

Letty bag- pink


Interior view:

Letty bag interior view