Button Art Debut


I’m very pleased to announce that Unicorn Crossing button art is now on display for sale at Crafts Canada in Nanaimo, BC!  Come and check out my latest creations.  More art will be added shortly, now that I know how much space I have to work with:)

For those of you crafty folks who might want to give button art a try, pop by the store to purchase buttons, canvases, and acrylic paints. Hans and Kevin will help set you up with whatever other craft supplies your heart desires:)

button Art- large


Crafts Canada
115 Chapel Street
Nanaimo, BC
V9R 5H3
(250) 716-0084
Open Mon-Sat, 9:30am to 5:00pm

Or “like” them on Facebook

spilled buttons


The Magic of Buttons

I heart buttons

Lately, I’ve become totally addicted to making button art. I think I’ve found my perfect craft! Why?

1. Organizing and sorting my buttons makes my OCD side VERY happy;)
2. You really can’t go wrong, and there is room for mistakes. This is an activity where I can truly give my perfectionism a holiday. It is not needed, and I think taking a more relaxed approach leads to a more creative and successful result. Definitely not the case with sewing, by the way.
3. I find the repetitive task of adding and layering buttons is very relaxing, almost meditative if you will.
4. Best of all, this simple little pastime has had a ripple effect, allowing me to give back to my community and strengthening an already close friendship.

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With regard to the latter, I have been attending a weekly ladies’ sewing night in my community for over a year, which is funded by a great program called Ladysmith Family and Friends (LaFF) . I had so many people interested in my button art, that I took a friend’s suggestion and decided to host a button art class at a recent LaFF sewing night. I purchased canvases, paint, buttons, and brushes at the dollar store. I typed up a brief tutorial on the steps involved in making a button animal. Since a few of the participants were new to crafting, I created animal templates for them to trace using poster board. I charged $10 per person to cover the cost of supplies and to allow me to make a donation to LaFF at the end of the evening. I got great feedback from all the ladies. It was nice to see how others used different techniques and made different colour and style choices than my own. Everyone’s projects turned out great, as you can see below. I made the zebra, which was a custom order.



The best thing, is that my good friend Anna is now as hooked on button art as I am! She and I get together regularly to craft. She is very talented and I’ve learned a lot from her style, which is bolder and more colourful than my own. I look forward to seeing many more creations from “Anna-Rama Art”! This shared interest has become a major topic of conversation between us, and I think we’ve grown closer because of it. Recently, we took a toddler-free trip out of town for a weekend of shopping, dining, gabbing, and a few drinks. It was fabulous! We even found some treasures at a button store, recommended by another good friend, Marcy.

Ladies weekend 00002

Ladies weekend 00003

Finally, I’m very excited to announce that Unicorn Crossing and Anna-Rama Art will have a table at the Ladysmith Spring Fair on May 3rd and 4th!


Hope to see some of you there:)

Cute as a BUTTON!


Buttons!!! My newest obsession. In particular, I heart making button animal art. I started off with a couple basic elephants (which you can check out in my J’adore Paris post from earlier this month). I have seen a few variations on Etsy and Pinterest, but nothing that really wowed me. So, I decided to experiment with a few different designs of my own. I also added interest with “bling”, lettering, and other crafty bits. I received so many compliments and comments from friends that “you should really sell those,” that I am now taking custom orders locally.

Check out my button animal art projects below. Which one is your favourite? What new animal do you think I should attempt next?





As a bonus, buttons have become an activity that my toddler and I can share. She loves to sort them by colour into jars with me. When she finishes sorting another handful, she refers to them as adding “more friends.” It’s beyond cute. Not that I’m biased or anything;)

J’adore Paris!

Having my daughter and being on mat leave has transformed me into a social butterfly. Like every good social butterfly, I love parties. Especially planning and hosting them- not just any parties mind you, but theme parties. I HEART THEMES! I was recently discussing with a coworker that my life has now become one theme after another, and I love it! Since my daughter was born in March 2011, I have hosted:

-2 Halloween parties
-Ugly Christmas sweater party
-Stampin’ Up Christmas card making party
-Mexican fiesta
-“Lovely Ladies” tea and cupcake surprise birthday party
-Alice in Wonderland theme party- for my daughter’s first birthday
-“Ladies’ Night In” Avon party
-“Moms’ and Babies” pizza and movie night
-Nautical theme baby shower
-“Bars stars with no place to go” New Year’s Eve party

I’m sure I’m forgetting a few in there, but you get the jist.

This weekend, my friend and I co-hosted a double baby shower for two of our lovely expectant mama friends. They are both having girls, so pink was the obvious choice. However, I wanted to stay away from having a “babyish” baby shower if that makes sense? I wanted something stylish and sophisticated. So, I decided that the theme would be “A morning in Paris” baby shower brunch! The colour scheme was pink and black. Guests were encourage to dress in black and/or pink attire.

A pink punch was served in decorated mason jars with pink straws. Brunch items included: croissants, pink cream soda cupcakes, quiche, hash browns, hummus with pita chips, and a fruit tray with dip. And let’s not forget the requisite bowl of goldfish crackers that are a fixture at every mommy-toddler party;)

Here are some photos from the event:

My friend and co-host Marcy and I are pictured together with our little ones. I’m on the right. Our guests of honour are sharing a loving preggo moment in the last picture.

Each of the guests of honour received from me: a handmade fabric tote bag, a glass bottle of bubble bath in the shape of the Eiffel Tower, tissues with Eiffel Tower print, a Paris theme onesie (one with a poodle, one with a bottle of ‘parfum’), some diapers and wipes, and these two little crafty projects below.


These button collages were inspired by the creations of www.bustedbutton.com


These are baby crinkle taggy blankets. The tags are made of different types of ribbon. Inside the two layers is a wrapper from an empty wipes package. It’s difficult to see in the picture, but I sewed a heart shape in the centre of the blankies to keep the crinkle material from shifting around. Variations of this beginner sewing project can be found by searching “baby tag blanket.”

All in all, I think this party was a success. I enjoyed having a co-conspirator to share in the planning and decorating and I think our ideas melded together well.

“Au revoir” for now friends:)