DIY Child’s Artwork Display


Several days each week, my daughter brings a new artistic creation home from daycare.  I praise her efforts and genuinely admire each masterpiece, but just recently, I realized that I rarely display her artwork.  Our fridge is not magnetic, so this quick and easy display solution will not work in our home.  So, after a major “mommy guilt” moment, and a brief  perusal of Pinterest, I was inspired to create a mini “art gallery” in our home.

First, I stopped at a local thrift store and picked up a large framed print for $4.99.  The before picture is below (sort of).  I forgot to take a picture at the very beginning of my project, so it does not show the original colour of the ugly wood frame.  I used some black acrylic paint and wiped it with a rag while wet, to create an updated espresso brown finish.


Next, I opened up the frame, covered the print with fabric and a strip of ribbon, and secured on the back with duct tape. Sorry random boy with clay vessel, but you don’t  quite complement the décor in our home;)  Then, I simply popped the covered print back into the frame, which I should mention did not have glass in front.  Finally, I added a couple of wooden clothespins to the ribbon.


I added a recent piece of art, and viola!  Not only do I feel that K’s artwork is finally getting the recognition it deserves, but she was super proud that it was displayed for all to see!  The clothespins allow for quick changes and move easily across the ribbon to adjust for different sized pictures.  For a home with multiple children, I think it would look great to have a row of matching frames hung in a hallway or on a large wall.  Project completion time = less than one hour.


little artist