“I spy” with my little eye…

Well, I think I have just about won the award for most sporadic blogger!  Anyhoo, here’s one of the little projects I have been up to:  The “I spy” bag.  These take no time at all to whip up, and are an easy project for a beginning sewer.  They are handy for keeping kiddos busy during car trips, in waiting rooms, or quiet during nap time, when a nap is clearly wishful thinking.  I have been gifting them for birthday parties as well.


How to make an “I spy” bag:

1.  Cut out three squares of fabric (approx. 6″ to 8″).

2.  Take two of the squares and place right sides together.

3.  Trace a circle or other shape for the viewing “window.”

4.  Sew around the traced shape and cut it out, not too close to your stitching.

5.  Pull one side through the hole you have made and smooth out your square flat.

6.  Cut some clear plastic for the window, a bit larger than the hole you’ve made.  I just cut up the thick plastic bags that bedding sheets or comforters come in.

7.  Pin the plastic to the wrong side, and sew in place around the window.  I sewed two seams, just to be safe.

8.  Pin this piece right sides together with your third and final square.  Sew a seam around the edges,  leaving a few inches of space to turn right sides out.

9.  Fill your bag with clear beads- sold in craft and dollar stores as “polyfil” or “vase filler.”  Fill about 2/3 to the top.

10.  Add about a dozen little treasures, as below.


11.  Sew the bag opening shut.  Then sew an additional seam around the bag edges to make sure it’s extra secure.

12.  If you like, you can take a photo of the items inside, laminate it, and attach to the bag with a loop and a ring, so your little one knows what to search for.

Bonus tip- vary the size of the “window” depending on the age of the child.  Smaller = more difficult.  Also, more filling = more difficult.  As with any toy with small parts, please supervise young children.