Am I famous yet?

I have always envied those lucky gals who can go to a salon, magazine pic of celeb hairstyle in hand, and say, “I want my hair to look like this!”  And they leave, hair shining and swinging, looking just like said pic.  Oh, believe me I’ve tried, but it has always ended in an epic hair fail.   Why, you ask?  Well, my hair is uber thick, coarse in texture, and naturally very curly.  For the most part, I love it.  But, every once in awhile, I crave a change and I feel like I don’t have a lot of options- curl with gel vs. flatiron straight.  I know, I know, “first world problems” and all that;)

Yesterday, I went to a fab local salon to get my hair thinned out.  Now, to give you an idea of what this entails, I told my stylist, “Just keep thinning until it looks like there’s a small dog on the floor.”  And so, she did:)  A couple of kids and their Dad, sitting in the nearby waiting area, looked on and giggled as the pile grew.


Then, on a whim, I decide to go for a thicker bang, inspired by a few pics I found of Katy Perry and Zoey Dechanel.  Nothing major, but I am so pleased that for once, the end result bears some resemblance to the pic.  Booyah!


What do you think?  

Who is your celeb hair inspiration?


4 thoughts on “Am I famous yet?

  1. Super cute! Although I am a big fan of super curly hair (I am also very biased about this…. lol). I love it!

    • Hi Jess. Wow, I LOVE your curls! In this pic, my hair is the least curly I can make it without straightening;) But, I still do love wearing it super curly, especially when it’s long. Planning on growing it out again, after chopping it a few months ago.
      Can I ask what products you use? I’m still trying to find the perfect gel that is 1) made by a cruelty-free company, and 2) controls frizz and holds curl without making my hair “crunchy.”

      • I was going to do a post shortly on my current routine, but I usually stick to Giovanni L.A. Natural styling gel with strong hold. I put it in and as it’s close to being dry, I gently shake my curls so that there’s no stiffness at all. It’s awesome! There’s no drying alcohols or grody silicones that cause buildup. The best part is that I can reactive this gel the next day with a homemade lavender water mist. Giovanni is a cruelty-free company (I try to only buy c.f.). For conditioner, I try to use Yes To Carrots, but I go through a bunch of different ones and write reviews on them fairly frequently. Hope that helps!

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