Bag Lady

purse addictThose who know me well know that I am a true “bag lady.”  Oh how I love me a nice, new designer bag.  My current fave is Kate Spade.  Her bags combine lots of bright colours and up-to-the minute style trends, while still maintaining classic shapes and clean lines.  I also like that her bags have not become as mainstream as say, Coach.  Coach was my previous fave, until I learned that they use fur in some of their designs.  NOT COOL.  The same goes for Burberry, Michael Kors, and a whole host of other designers.  Fortunately, there are many other great designers to choose from.  I’m also a big fan of Matt and Nat bags.  A cruelty-free Canadian company, they make fabulous bags out of animal-friendly vegan materials (no fur or leather), including recycled plastic bottles for the bag linings!

Inspired by a recent blog post on “Ain’t No Mom Jeans,” I too, decided to compile a list of my favourite bags for Summer 2013.  I tried to represent a range of price points in my selections, and also included a few larger, “mom-friendly” bags.  I’m looking forward to an upcoming trip to Portland, OR, where I search for a new bag (or two…or three) in tax-free outlet mall heaven!

Without further ado, bring on the bags!


1.  Bicycle print bag, Forever 21 ($31.50CAN)

matt and nat marlon125

2.  Merlon bag, Matt and Nat ($125CAN)


3. Striped backpack, ($34.99US)


4. Flower print backpack, ($29.99US)

Sidebar- I’m really loving the return of backpacks this year!  It’s always a bonus when fashion and practicality come together.


5. Kate Spade totes ($198US).  Do I have to pick just one?!


6. Kate Spade breezeway bay maise ($278).  Black for work, magenta for play?

Which is your personal favourite?  What is your go-to bag (or bags for this season)?