Craft Wars, Sister Edition

best elephants
Ever since I can remember, my sister Ang and I have been B.E.F. Yes, you read that right. It stands for Best Elephants Forever. It was an inside joke between the two of us that dates so far back, that neither of us can remember its actual origins. Wait, I thought elephants never forget?! Anyhow, Best Elephants has stood the test of time, and last year, for Ang’s 30th birthday, we marked the occasion by getting matching elephant tattoos in Whistler that look like this:


This past weekend, I took the ferry to visit my sister and have a girls’/elephants’ weekend. We had a fabulous time (obviously) doing some shopping, going out for dinner, taking a long and scenic bike ride, sipping numerous Starbucks bevvies, and crafting.

The first night, I had an idea. We would each complete a Best Elephants themed craft on canvas. But, to give things a fun twist, we would do so without seeing what the other was making until The Big Reveal! We put up a divider between us so we could craft, snack, and chat, but not peek. It was neat to see how different our final creations turned out.


ele kim


ele ang

We had so much fun playing our version of “Craft Wars,” that we did the same thing the next night after dinner out. This time, the theme was spring. Mine is the first pic, Ang’s is second:

Kim spring

ang spring

I truly love my little sister. It is so comforting to know that there will always be someone who shares so many childhood memories with me, laughs at my jokes, tolerates my quirks, and is always up for some B.E.F. (and B.F.F) fun:)

sister 2


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