After spending several frustrating hours trying to navigate a world that is entirely foreign to me, (dashboards and templates and themes, oh my!) I am cautiously optimistic  about starting my own blog.  As a busy working mother with a precocious toddler, I ask myself, “Do I need yet another hobby/pastime/commitment?”  The answer is a resounding “No!”  Yet, here I sit, brimming with excitement at the prospect of undertaking a fresh new project!

The other day, I stumbled across a blog entitled “Craftiness is not optional.”  This could easily be my slogan…too bad it’s taken;)  From an early age, my fabulous mother enrolled my sister and me in a multitude of crafty classes at our local rec centres- holiday crafts, jewellery making, candle making, sewing, you name it.  I feel fortunate to have had my creative side encouraged and nurtured from such an early age.  It definitely took a backseat during my years of graduate studies, (forensic psychologist by day, crafter by night) but it seems that with pregnancy and motherhood came a resurgence of interest and inspiration.

I hope to use this tiny space on the interwebs to document my crafty pursuits, and hopefully interject a bit of humour and mommy anecdotes along the way.  Welcome and enjoy!



4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Thank you for being a Mom who puts the effort into being artistic! I look forward to what this blog holds. Good Luck!

    • Thanks friend! I so wish we were closer and could craft together. We would make a dynamite team!
      On second thought, I don’t think the crafting world is ready for us;)

  2. Hi Kim, Love all the items you created! I had no idea just how artistic and creative you’ve become. Keep those ideas coming; I think they’re great!

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