Project for the Crafting-Impaired: Photo and Art Display

Here is a fun little project that I knocked off in less than an hour. Bonus- it cost about $5 to make!


1. Purchase a piece of scrap baseboard from your local hardware store.

2. Paint it with your favourite acrylic paint or leave it white as is. After painting, I also added glitter.

3. Evenly space your clothes pins and attach with wood glue. I used bedazzled clothes pins that I found at Michaels for $2 a pack, but you could paint or glitter regular wood ones.

4. Add interest to the baseboard with buttons, gems, or wooden cut outs. I used craft supplies that I already had handy.

5. Let dry!

6. Nail or screw onto wall. Make sure to use a level.

7. Add favourite photos or kids’ artwork and enjoy!

There are many variations of this project on Pinterest. I have seen it used as a stocking hanger at Christmas or in a laundry room to hold mismatched socks until they are found. It could also be handy in a home office or kitchen for shopping and to-do lists.


LOVE this bag!

Fellow sewing friends, you simply must make this bag! Non-sewing friends, you simply must have someone make it for you! The Letty bag is a pattern created by Robin Gallagher of “Robin’s Quilts etc.” It is fairly large and uber-versatile- think diaper bag, work or gym bag, or just a larger size purse for those who like to carry around everything but the kitchen sink;)

The bag features six medium-sized interior pockets plus a smaller cell phone pocket. On the outside are two large (back and front) pockets accented by butttons. The grommet styling allows you to carry the purse with two straps on your shoulder, or pull into one longer strap to carry as a crossbody bag when you need both hands free. Genius! Gets both my mommy and working woman seal of approval. I love how variations in fabric can totally change the style and “feel” of the bag.

I consider my self to be a beginner-intermediate sewer and it takes me about four or five hours to complete this bag. My super-advanced sewing friend can whip one up in about two hours. Check out the Letty bags I have made so far:

Letty bag- books

Letty bag- Kim

Letty bag- pink


Interior view:

Letty bag interior view

2012 Highlights

Here are a few of my favourite projects from the past year:

Always nearest and dearest to my heart, are the projects I create for my daughter Kayley. As she grew from babbling baby to a full-fledged toddler, with ideas and opinions all her own, I couldn’t wait to make her a very special “big girl bed.” I found the bed for $60 on a Facebook Swap and Shop site for moms. It was plain, light-coloured wood when I started with it. After completing the bed, how could I resist adding a matching kid-size bookshelf?! This was purchased for $40 at a local second-hand furniture store. It too, was plain unstained wood. I think they turned out pretty well, but I’ll let you be the judge of that:

Toddler bed- previously unfinished wood

Toddler bed- previously unfinished wood

Toddler bookshelf- previously unfinished wood

Toddler bookshelf- previously unfinished wood

Here is a little chair that I purchased unfinished and custom-designed as a gift for a Hello Kitty themed party. It was a hit with both the birthday girl and her mom:

Birthday gift for Hello Kitty theme party

Birthday gift for Hello Kitty theme party

Finally, in early December, a good friend and I decided to get together for a craft day and make holiday gifts for all our mommy friends. Inspired by Pinterest and armed with a glue gun, marshmallows, and more, we created hot chocolate snowmen and vanilla and brown sugar holiday hand scrubs. Not sure what was more fun- the making or the giving. The gifts were very well-received, and at under $5 per person it didn’t break the bank to make a lot of them.

Pinterest- snowman hot chocolate and holiday hand scrub.  Made for friends, with a good friend.

Pinterest- snowman hot chocolate and holiday hand scrub. Made for friends, with a good friend.

Pinterest- Hot chocolate snowmen assembly line:)

Pinterest- Hot chocolate snowmen assembly line:)

Where the magic happens

Before I start posting some of my current and past craft projects, I thought I would begin by giving you a peek into my favourite space in my home- my craft room!  On a whim one day, I decided to sell our fitness equipment and transform our workout room into a sanctuary of craftiness and creativity.  My wonderful husband helped me paint the room purple, and even surprised me with a custom-made pine desk for Christmas last year.  I found many of the accessories from antique and thrift stores, including a vintage Singer sewing machine.  I have also incorporated some play space for my little girl, including (not pictured) her new pink and purple easel.  Not yet two, she is already showing great interest in painting, colouring, stickers, and fabric, which makes this crafty mommy very proud.  We have done several mother-daughter crafts together, which I plan to feature in upcoming posts.  What do you think of my space?  It certainly has provided me with a great source of both inspiration and relaxation.


After spending several frustrating hours trying to navigate a world that is entirely foreign to me, (dashboards and templates and themes, oh my!) I am cautiously optimistic  about starting my own blog.  As a busy working mother with a precocious toddler, I ask myself, “Do I need yet another hobby/pastime/commitment?”  The answer is a resounding “No!”  Yet, here I sit, brimming with excitement at the prospect of undertaking a fresh new project!

The other day, I stumbled across a blog entitled “Craftiness is not optional.”  This could easily be my slogan…too bad it’s taken;)  From an early age, my fabulous mother enrolled my sister and me in a multitude of crafty classes at our local rec centres- holiday crafts, jewellery making, candle making, sewing, you name it.  I feel fortunate to have had my creative side encouraged and nurtured from such an early age.  It definitely took a backseat during my years of graduate studies, (forensic psychologist by day, crafter by night) but it seems that with pregnancy and motherhood came a resurgence of interest and inspiration.

I hope to use this tiny space on the interwebs to document my crafty pursuits, and hopefully interject a bit of humour and mommy anecdotes along the way.  Welcome and enjoy!